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"I love all of the Four Sigmatic products. Always a part of my daily routine!"

"I like to have their coffee with lion's mane in the morning, their protein powder during the day, and their reishi to wind down at night. There's not a single product that I don't love and I highly recommend them for all of your mushroom needs!"

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Our Difference
Always certified organic Made with 100% real mushrooms 5-star flavor (or money back)
Always certified organic
All our products are certified organic. This is better for you, the farmers, the soil, and the planet. No glyphosates here!
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Made with 100% real mushrooms
All our products contain 100% real mushroom fruiting bodies. Did you know that most mushroom supplements don't contain any mushrooms?
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5-star flavor (or money back)
All our products are formulated to be effective AND delicious. They taste like coffee, not like mud. Money back if you don't agree!
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  • Unlock the power of mushrooms

    Trusted adaptogens used to better health for centuries

  • Tastes as good as it makes you feel

    Nothing fake, always whole ingredients with delicious flavor

  • Helps with focus, energy, and mood

    Ingredients clinically proven to help give your day a boost

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