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We make drinking mushrooms (yes, we said drinking mushrooms) delicious and easy-to-do with our wide variety of superfood (and super-good-for-you) beverages. From Mushroom Coffees, to Matchas to Hot Cacao and multi-mushroom Blends… we have it all.

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Power On

Ground Mushroom Coffee

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Mix. Sip. Enhance.

Enhance your daily routine by mixing up a Mushroom Coffee to start your morning, sip a Mushroom Matcha in the afternoon, and then unwind in the evening with a Mushroom Hot Cacao.

Free your mind


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Power On

Mushroom coffee with lion's mane

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Drop and give me Zen

Reishi Elixir

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"Take Us to Fungi Town"

Hack Stress

Adaptogen Coffee

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Mushrooms at home

We’re obsessed with the everyday magic of mushrooms like reishi, chaga, cordyceps and lion’s mane — Helping you relax, be well, energize and support productivity. Enter your email for healthy recipes, tips and tricks, and learn more about the benefits of these amazing superfoods.

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Like a warm hug from Grandma

Mushroom hot cacao with Reishi

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Mushroom Coffee? Who comes up with this shiit(ake)?

Sure, it’s a weird name, and the concept is odd, but we’re onto something magical

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