Kate Magic, Raw food author, educator and mother katesmagicbubble.com / UK

I can carry a Four Sigma Foods sachet with me in my bag and have one of the best cups of tea in the world, any time, any place. Good for you, delicious, and easy to use – what more could you ask for?

Josefine Jäger, Chef, entrepreneur / Sweden

I make Chaga chai caramel lattes with the Instant Chaga and Licorice chocolate mousse with the Green honey+. Me and my foodies to friends just love it!

Jessica Bourke, Natural Fertility Specialist, author, mother / Ireland

I’m not sure that I could choose my favourite Four Sigma tea because I love them all! Having a cup of the Chaga, Cordyceps or stamina tea each day will make a difference to your health- just try them!.

Olli Sovijärvi, Medical Doctor / Finland

I’ve been familiar with the products and guys from FSF for a while now, but it never stops to surprise me how top notch and at the sharpest edge they are in providing the most amazing adaptogens to people! Amazing :)

Manuela Bosco, Artist, Actor, Writer and ex-Olympic Hurdler / Finland / Italy

Instant Chaga: It’s THE BOMB! Both the taste and the effects are truly amazing.

Devon Anderson, QA Engineer, Ultimate Frisbee National and World Champion / California

Having the energy to train and prepare my body to compete at the highest level in Ultimate while working a full time job isn’t easy. FSF Instant Cordyceps has helped keep me feeling fresh in training and on the field.

Mike Zwahlen, Telemark Freerider / Switzerland

No need for cigarettes nor alcohol nor any chemical drinks. But need for FSF instant pow(d)er to ride out the hard Telemark-Freeheel-days in the mountains.

Boris Lauser, Raw Food Artist & Raw Food Chef, B.alive / Germany

I am not usually a big fan of supplements and also use maca, cacao and coconut rather for culinary pleasure. However, Instant Lion’s Mane REALLY works, at least on me!

Antti Hynynen, Professional Football Player / Finland

The game has been played 75 minutes and my body feels exhausted. The remaining 15 minutes will choose the winner. For those moments FSF has gave me the required extra boost of energy.

Nita Arpiainen, Health & Life Coach, Yoga Teacher / The World

Four Sigma Food is a awesome company lead by a wonderful crew of passionate visionaries wanting to share pure inspiration, health and happiness throughout the world. The products are energizing and help anyone increase their immunity and performance.