From the Finnish countryside to your kitchen

For 11 years, Four Sigmatic has been serving up mushroom and adaptogen packed blends to improve your life. But our roots go back even further, all the way to WWII in Nordic land rich with lakes, forests, and lots of mushrooms.

"We started as a hard-to-understand brand ‘on shrooms’ but now we're doubling down on our true calling of delivering you mental performance and wellbeing."

Tero Isokauppila



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Foraging mushrooms has always been an Isokauppila family tradition. The day our grandparents decided to blend their favorite mushrooms into their daily brew, a better morning ritual was born.


Based on the 100 most-studied, most nutrient-dense foods on the planet, each “sigma” represents how far a food is from an average nutritional value. Four Sigmatic foods are beyond better. You might even say they’re the best.

Our mission

We want to help you feel your best. Whether that’s your body or your mind, we believe that mushrooms are the key to living a healthier and happier life. Here at Four Sigmatic, we use our Nordic roots and foraging traditions to share functional mushroom’s benefits with you and your family in easy to incorporate coffees, elixirs, and more. We take pride in every mushroom we harvest and every herb we source so you can feel our care and commitment to your wellness in every cup.

Join our team

We're a crew of parents, music enthusiasts, mushroom foragers, world travelers, ice hockey fans, coffee aficionados, and more. What we all have in common is a passion for elevating mindfullness and being the best part of Four Sigmatic. We've served 100 million+ cups of mushroom-powered drinks worldwide, and we're looking for someone like you to join us for the next 100 million.