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The Toxic Truth Behind Your Cup Of Tea

The Toxic Truth Behind Your Cup Of Tea

Tea is 2nd second most consumed beverage in the world. The not-so-rosy part? Most of the teas you find today are hiding some seriously nasty toxins in unsuspecting places. 😱 DITCH TOXIC TEA BAGS

As a lover of all things herbal (especially teas) and a Registered Herbalist, I'm here to dive into the dark side of tea bags – and share how I keep the magic of tea alive without the toxic chemicals. 🌿✨

Unveiling Toxic Tea Bag Secrets

Tea bags are a simple, easy, and efficient way to bring the time-tested remedy of tea to your daily routine. Yet the truth about what's in tea bags is far from pleasant.

Tea bags are typically made from materials like paper, nylon, or plastics, often sealed with glue and other compounds. When these materials come into contact with boiling water, they release a toxic concoction of microplastics, nanoplastics, and chemicals.

1. A Toxic Brew of Chemicals:

Ever wondered what makes your tea bags so white? Chlorine-bleach gives tea bags a lovely, bright white color.

  • This process leaves behind nasty chemicals like dioxins which have been linked to cancer and other health issues.
  • When you add boiling hot water, the bleached bags go through a process called hydrolysis. This releases cancer-causing carcinogens into your cup. Additionally, compounds like polypropylene (used to seal the bags), fluorine compounds, arsenic, and even lead may leach into your tea.

    2. Microplastic Madness

    One tea bag can release as many as 11 billion microplastic particles into your cup! These tiny particles, along with nanoplastics, pose serious health risks, potentially entering your cells and wreaking havoc on your body.

    • Some brands swap out the paper bag for “food-safe” plastic bags. Yet food-grade plastics start to break down and release toxins at about 105°F. And most people brew their water to a boiling 212°F.
    • Even paper tea bags aren’t innocent. Epichlorohydrin, a plastic, and known carcinogen, is added to keep paper bags from bursting.
    • Plus most tea bags use a plastic called polypropylene to glue the bag together. This stops them from falling apart but also leeches into your cup.

      The Health Risks of Leached Tea Toxins

      According to the study "Health risks posed by microplastics in tea bags: microplastic pollution," the consequences of sipping on tea brewed with toxic bags extend beyond just your morning routine:

      • Studies have shown that exposure to microplastics and nanoplastics can lead to intestinal oxidative and inflammatory imbalance, weakening the body's defensive system and increasing your chances of diseases. 😷
      • The chemicals present in tea bag plastics can disrupt intestinal processes, upset the balance of gut organisms, and even contribute to the development of long-term immune system problems. 🦠
      • In addition to health risks, the environmental impact of tea bag plastics is significant, with billions of plastic particles ending up in our waterways and ecosystems. 🌎

      The Environmental Toll of Toxic Tea Bags

      Let's not forget the broader impact of microplastics on our environment too. These tiny particles don't just disappear after we've finished our cup–they end up in our waterways, soil, and even in the air we breathe. With billions of plastic particles leaching into our ecosystems, the consequences for wildlife and the environment are dire.

      The hardest part: I love tea

      Believe it or not, tea is still a part of my daily routine! Tea bags make it easy to have a natural remedy with herbal benefits in just a few minutes. I’m not willing to risk my health on plastic-packed tea bags and while steeping loose leaf tea is wonderful, I often don’t have time to prepare tea this way.

      Lucky for myself (and all the tea lovers out there), I created a line of NEW Four Sigmatic Organic Instant Teas.

      By choosing toxin-free alternatives like Four Sigmatic’s instant teas, you're not just protecting your health – you're also making a positive impact on the planet. 🌍💧

      Four Sigmatic Instant Organic Teas

      These instant teas are ready in seconds! And they’re packed with functional mushrooms, adaptogens, and herbal botanicals that are powerful herbal remedies. In fact, as Four Sigmatic’s herbalist formulator, I was excited to pack in beneficial botanicals in every bag.

      1. Free From Toxic Tea Bags: Say goodbye to microplastics and chemicals – our instant teas come in a convenient tea powder, free from toxins, fillers, and artificial ingredients.
      2. Benefit-Packed Superfoods: From boosting focus to supporting immunity, each blend is infused with powerful functional mushrooms like lion's mane and reishi as well as adaptogens like ashwagandha and tulsi.
      3. Deliciously Guilt-Free: Our teas are USDA organic, sugar-free, and flavored with real, familiar tea-loving ingredients like lemon, chamomile, mint, ginger, and wild berries. We use real, organic ingredients- never any artificial or natural flavors. This means, when you taste flavors like lemon, it’s because you’re sipping real lemon juice powder. :)

      Five Beau•tea•ful Flavors

      Each blend is carefully crafted to deliver a delicious and functional experience, whether you're looking to boost focus, unwind after a long day, or support your overall well-being.

      Think Organic Black Tea
      • Key Benefit: Boosts focus and mental clarity.
      • Tastes Like: An Arnold Palmer – refreshing and invigorating.
      • Superstar Ingredients: Organic black tea, Lion's Mane Mushroom, and L-theanine.
      Protect Organic Herbal Tea
      • Key Benefit: Supports immune function and vitality.
      • Tastes Like: A sweet mix of vitamin-c rich berries.
      • Superstar Ingredients: Elderberry, Chaga Mushroom, and acerola cherry.
      Mood Organic Herbal Tea
      • Key Benefit: Uplifts mood and supports emotional well-being.
      • Tastes Like: Floral tea with a hint of pomegranate and rose.
      • Superstar Ingredients: Tulsi, Reishi Mushroom, and lemon balm.
      Calm Organic Herbal Tea
      • Key Benefit: Promotes relaxation and stress relief.
      • Tastes Like: Soothing chamomile and mint
      • Superstar Ingredients: Ashwagandha, Reishi Mushroom, and lemon balm.
      Happy Gut Organic Herbal Tea
      • Key Benefit: Supports digestive health and gut balance.
      • Tastes Like: Spicy ginger with a zesty twist of lemon.
      • Superstar Ingredients: 1 billion CFU of heat-resistant probiotics, Turkey Tail Mushroom, and ginger root.

      Instant Bliss, Lasting Benefits!

      Enjoy the traditional remedy of tea without toxic tea bags. With Four Sigmatic Organic Instant Teas, you can enjoy the benefits of tea without the worry of harmful toxins. Cheers to your health! 🍵✨

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